Modernize Chip Solutions

About Us

Our Story

Journey to our worldwide presence and 20+ Marquee clients

Our Vision

To drive excellence by providing clever and
creative solutions totechnology organizations all around the world.

Our Mission

Create an atmosphere in which the team’s unique ideas may thrive,
resulting in world-class solutions.

Our Leadership

Mohammad Baji
CEO & Founder

Mohammad Baji, a distinguished entrepreneur and the Founder & CEO of Modernize Chip Solutions, a dynamic player in the semiconductor industry. Mahammad Baji brings over 12 years of invaluable technical experience, specializing in the analog domain. His journey in the semiconductor field has been marked by a commitment to innovation and excellence.

Syed M
Head TA

Syed brings around two decades of experience in TA and other HR functions, he worked with many semiconductor startups like Synapse Design, Eximius, Graphene, Times Technologies, and LeadSoc where he served as Talent Acquisition – Head and provided end-to-end solutions for service-based companies.

Manjunath SP
Vice President - Sales

Mr. Manjunath SP comes with rich experience of 18+ years in the IT industry managing Technology Sales & development across domains in Embedded Systems and Semiconductors in various vertical markets like Automotive, Enterprise Storage, IOT, Defense and aerospace, Multimedia and mobile Applications. 

Pankaj Tyagi
Director - Software

Pankaj has held diverse roles in technology and business management, with a strong focus on software development and product delivery. His accomplishments and experiences demonstrate his leadership, technical expertise, and ability to drive change within organizations.

Director - Human Resources

Yogita our HR Director comes with over 12 years of rich experience in delivering HR solutions at the corporate level.  She has been a trusted consultant known for her strong leadership skills in Talent Management, Stakeholder Management, Employee Engagement, Diversity Hiring, Policy and Process Development, Employee Relations, and Organizational Resource & design.

Rahul Krishna
Director - Analog Design

Rahul Krishna is a seasoned professional with over 12 years of expertise in Analog Circuit Design within the VLSI domain. His experience encompasses designing High-Speed SERDES, working across advanced technology nodes. Proficient in HDMI and DDR protocols, Rahul specializes in high-precision clock designs, mixed-signal verification, and automatic design flows

Mallampalli Prasad
Director - RTL

Prasad, our accomplished Digital Design Director, brings over 15+ years of unparalleled expertise to the VLSI design landscape. He is a driving force in both ASIC and FPGA Design realms.

As a visionary leader, Prasad has played pivotal roles in multiple SoC Architectures & Integration, IP Design and project management. His prowess extends to Digital Design Architecture, Strong automated flows for Compilation, Lint, CDC/RDC, Fishtail, Synthesis, LEC, Formality, Power Optimization and VCLP.

Nagaraju Batchu
Head - Business & Operations India

Nagaraju Batchu brings over 23 years of extensive sales and leadership experience in the semiconductor and embedded services sectors. Throughout his career, he has been instrumental in establishing and nurturing business relationships, contributing significantly to the growth of the semiconductor and embedded services industry in India.

His professional journey includes key roles at: Wind River, Tata Elxsi, Synapse Design, Eximius Design & Smart SoC solutions, and LTTS. 
Batchu's expertise lies in his ability to drive business growth and operational excellence, leveraging his deep industry knowledge and strategic vision.

Dr. Shiva Kumar Kotikalapudi
Senior Director - DFT

Dr. Shiva brings an impressive 35 years of experience in the VLSI industry, having worked with renowned organizations such as Motorola India Electronics, Mentor Graphics, Agere, LSI, Broadcom, Cadence, Quest Global, and Capgemini.

While his specialization lies in Design for Testability (DFT), Dr. Shiva has provided design solutions across various domains, particularly supporting numerous startups during his tenure at Cadence.

In addition to his professional expertise, Dr. Shiva has a Ph.D. in Yoga & Energy Medicine. His hobbies include yoga, healing, and gardening, reflecting his well-rounded personality and diverse interests.

Venkateswara Rao Kakollu
Director - DV

Venkat comes with over 20 years of rich experience in ASIC Design Verification (DV). His career spans engagements with leading fabless semiconductor companies including AMD, Fungible, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Juniper Networks, and Cisco across USA, Canada, and Japan.

His expertise lies in Verification of Pre-Silicon & Post-Silicon phases encompassing functional verification and validation.  Additionally has significant exposure to SW and FW development for Embedded systems.
He had been recognized with excellence awards at his previous employers highlighting his dedication and exceptional performance. He has published papers for internal awards contributing to valuable insights and advancements in his field